Quad-County Vo-Occupational & Life Skills Center



As a Spiritual, Academic, Vocational, Occupational and Life Skills Center. The goal for Quad-County is to provide training and skilled personnel through Work Force Development for Fayetteville, Fulton, Clayton and Henry Counties continued growth and expansion. 


We believe that this Institution will be an Epicenter of opportunity for anyone who wants to experience a life change and become proficient in their chosen field. Our world is constantly evolving and changing. Spiritual, Academic, Vocational, Occupational and Life Skills are forever needed to keep pace with the demands of a rapid, growing and advancing Counties and the world.


We believe that Quad-County will provide the environment and atmosphere needed to meet the massive void of untrained and unskilled personnel needed to meet the employment demand for qualified professionals in this ever changing society. We will begin with the following programs: 



1. Spiritual Teaching: (Biblical Based Teaching)

a. Biblical Studies 

2. Academics: All Levels


a. Reading

b. Writing

c. Math

d. English

e. Language (English and Spanish)

3. Vocational:

a. IT and Telecommunications (Outside Plant and Inside Plant) 

b. PC repair (All Brands)

c. iphone, ipad and Android repairs (Screens and Parts)

d. Framing and Carpentry

e. Drywall and Finishing

f.  Electrical Wiring

g. Plumbing

h. Footing and Foundations

i.  Heating and Air (HVAC)

j.  Automotive Repair and Diagnostics 

k. Automotive Body and Painting

l.  Handy Man Skills (Basic Home and Auto Repair Skills)

k.  Lawn Care Maintenance and Land Scaping

4. Life Skills:

a. Basic life Skills (Mentoring)

b. Etiquette (Dining, Respect and Manner)

c. Grooming (Proper Attire and Appearance for Work, Business and Social activities)

d. Speech Improvement (Non-Cursing and Aggressive Language)