Fray White is the humble Husband of Theresa White and father of five beautiful young adults, a licensed Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. A highly accomplished businessman in the world of Telecommunication and Data Industry. He earned his Masters of Theology degree from Life Christian University. He has released his New Book titled: "Now... Faith Is...": How to Create the Life God Desires for You to Live by FAITH and by Works (Action). Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and graduated from Booker T. Washington High School, Alma Mater to famous civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. and renowned songstress Lena Horne. After graduating, Fray enlisted into the US Armed Forces where he served in the Berlin Brigade, Berlin Germany. He was assigned to the Berlin Embassy performing duties as a telephone installer and communication specialist.  


After honorably discharging, Fray founded Meridian Consulting Group Inc., a company providing Consulting, Training, Voice, Data, Video, and Security services to private corporations, governmental agencies, institutions of higher learning and many other sectors of business around the country. Fray's ability to employ, train and inspire employees to create new companies that compete, provide employment and make considerable contributions to our local economies.


His insight and vision enables him to see beyond the present, interact successfully with a multiplicity of people, cultures as well as nationalities; giving him a broader prospective on world views and international events. He has traveled extensively abroad: Italy, German, Austria, The Netherlands, Portugal, The Caribbean, and Mexico; often residing amongst the locals in fellowship and in harmony. Fray has a unique ability to cultivate the gifts lying dormant within individuals, inspiring them to move to greater heights. An avid golfer and sports enthusiast he has played on several National Championship Fast-Pitch Softball Teams and is a member of the National Softball Hall of Fame and Museum in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.


His love for Jesus Christ and people compelled him to seek a deeper relationship with Him in April 2004. He made a commitment to fully serve Him the remainder of his life.  He has a heart for the plight of young men and men. His BOYS and MENtoring program will function as a mentoring, academics and vocational foundation to prepare Boys and Men to enter into our world trained to succeed in any in environment. He began his ministry career as a college professor at Life Christian University, teaching accredited Leadership, Theology and Spiritual Growth courses. Fray also facilitated Men's Ministry Groups in leadership in local Churches. He has began a new life in the Ministry, Publishing, Multi-Media and Christian Entertainment Business and by the will of God hopes to build a legacy that shall remain from generation to generation.